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The aim of the game is to accumulate Happy Points (HaPs). “Money can’t buy happiness”, but you can certainly invest in your health (HePs)! The game is based on most recent statistics and is a fun type of trivia game about living conditions in 41 countries, suitable for adults and children alike. The game is brand new!

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Test your skills!

Travel Europe

Become the fastest at pointing out countries on the map!

build happiness

Collect Happy Points (HaP) and invest in in your health (HeP)!

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Become the tax expert of the European Union and be the happiest winner!

we have a special program For schools, institutions and business

Based on

most recent statistics!


A fun type of trivia game!

Suitable for

adults and children!


accumulate Happy Points (HaPs)!


in your health (HePs)!

School and Institutional Programs

School and University

We offer special prices for educational institutions, considering that it is a game developed out of an educational item. We believe that particularly schools, as well as universities that teach courses on economics or European studies can benefit from the game.

Other institutions

Special offers are provided to financially oriented institutions that wish to promote fiscal education in their milieu. The game is a beautiful, colourful and a truly European present suitable for any delegation visiting Europe.

Mobility Era Friends:

What people say

Our team

We are a small and motivated group of people. We come from different fields but we have found inspiring and creative work as a common interest. We challenge to be challenged, we inspire to be inspired and we do pay our taxes!


Irina Burlacu


I My background is social policy analysis, that is what the government does to protect its citizens when they can not protect themselves or when they are too weak to do so (e.g. unemployment, old-age, child birth). We often do not realize the impact of the ‘invisible hand’ and have a rather negative perception about taxes, however taxes are that very niche way that takes away from some people and give it away to the people in need. Most interestingly, it gives back to those people from who it was taken away in the first place, when they need it. I wish you lots of fun playing this exciting game we tried so hard to develop for you! It contains real statistics, not to bore you, but to inform you. No fake news 😉

Denis de Crombrugghe

I I teach statistics and econometrics at Maastricht University. The reputation of these subjects is that they are difficult and not the most popular. Yet I think it is increasingly important these days to master them — not only to “tame the numbers” and dig out useful information, but also to protect oneself against manipulation by biased or fake statisticians (who are more plentiful than honest, prudent ones). Irina is a former student who approached me with her idea for a fact-based social board game about international mobility and taxes. I live and pay taxes abroad, as do three of my four daughters, and I have a professional interest in the redistributive and incentive effects of tax systems. So, I got hooked and took on the challenge of designing a consistent set of rules aiming to make the game exciting while keeping it instructive. 


Ecaterina Onica

I I have trusted my good friend with her brilliant idea of the board game and I joined her in this new journey. I was still busy with my master studies in interior architecture at that time, therefore the board game was an unknown field for us as young, but very curious researchers.

Currently, I am a self-employed interior designer with very much interest in graphic field. Moldova is where I come from and the Netherlands, Maastricht is my home, at the moment. 



The French, Dutch, Romanian, German and English version of the Rulebook of the game are available in PDF by simply sending us an email ( with the subject: “Rulebook – language”.


Once you have purchased the game and played all it’s challenges, we have prepared more challenges to offer you! Simply send us an email ( with the subject: “Challenges – Round 2” and you will receive a file that will  take you to the next level!