Precious books

Yearly, thousands of PhD theses are defended and carefully stored in the university libraries’ or online. These precious books usually contain the most recent data and information on a problem, investigated at its most detailed level. Yet, because these are so technical and difficult to understand, you only get to know a very small amount out of that problem and its solution.

It is not just a game

This not just a game, it is a game that acknowledges the academic outcomes and the intensive intellectual work that often remains in the shadow.

Here is the board game made out of one of these precious books.

I truly hope you will get to learn many things out of it!

Now, about Taxes


Mobility Era. Play your taxes!” as the name suggests is about taxes as well. Many are reluctant when it comes to taxes, this is why I would like to make this disclaimer. 

Researchista, the startup behind the game is a startup founded by Irina Burlacu. I have been trained and educated in the field of social policy, more precisely in European practices on how to protect the unemployed, deprived of income or other sources and other policies with respect to the well-being of the population.
I understand some of your reluctance when it comes to taxes. I am a big fan of cryptocurrencies, block-chain system myself and open to try new ways for the common good. At the same time, I would like to raise awareness that – at the moment –  taxes are one of the core means through which the government can re-distribute from rich to poor, from young to old. 

Shall we live in different times, perhaps we won’t need taxes anymore. At this moment, this is our reality and taxes are part of our lives. There are plenty of evidence that at least in more transparent economies, taxes really work! 😉 If you look at the cases of Sweden or Netherlands with high personal income tax rates, while people are living in a happy and relatively equal and free from worries society. Think about it..